Lyrics From theologicality IN HEARTS WAKE Lost Lyrics, singer by IN HEARTS WAKE

My mind is a lost battlefield Thinking will be the death of me.
However it?s result has brought me to understand, that the real war is the war within.
So are we getting stronger? What we fear is fear. Are we learning?
Don?t let this doubt fill my mind. I sense danger here. No more suffering.
It?s the sound of stars that will guide us home ? Silence.
On a journey ill my mind goes wandering again. ? Silence.
To climb out of this well, I?ll need something greater, something more than a ladder. Something with need,
Something with motive, something with steps, – Greater than I.
Let us not falter. Our families are destroyed, through heedless actions.
Why do we feel so lost? – Why? Why cannot we be content with life?
If you seek a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Dig two graves! Lost.



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