HOWIE DAY Lanterns


Lyrics From theologicality HOWIE DAY Lanterns Lyrics, singer by HOWIE DAY

You’ve been the story of my life in the crash site
You were the razor and balloon
So when I opened up my eyes on the hillside
I see the light as it shines from the moon

Breaking off the branches
Fighting off the sadness
Taking on the madness
For you

There’s an angle on your face that I can’t shake
Cause I’m a figure and a fool for you
And there’s a moment that we’ve made, now we can’t change it
See the light as it breaks through the room

Tracing all the patterns
Fusing all the atoms
Lighting up the lanterns
Letting go of all the lanterns

Tracing all of the patterns
Fusing all of the atoms
Lighting up all the lanterns
Letting go of all the lanterns
I’m letting go of all the lanterns
For you